Thursday, July 15, 2010

The legend of Colton Harris-Moore?

In recent months, I've been following the story of Colton Harris-Moore. Perhaps I've had increased interest because he grew up near where I currently live and work. However, I find that the level of support he has received from so-called fans is disturbing. Colton Harris-Moore is a criminal with federal charges who eluded law enforcement officers for 2 years during which he racked up quite the resume of criminal activity.

While I understand that some criminals gain popularity and fascination due to their notoriety, Robin Hood stands out as the most legendary. However, he stands apart from other criminals. Robin Hood stole from the rich to feed the poor due to wrong doing by Prince John. Prince John was over taxing the people to the point that they could not afford to live. So, in steps Robin Hood who steals from the rich, who were most likely not taxed as highly, so that the poor can support their families.

While I don't support vigilante justice, there is a difference between Robin Hood and Colton Harris-Moore. Robin Hood was responding to wrong that was being done in his culture whereas Colton Harris-Moore was not. Robin Hood was doing something noble (illegal but for a noble purpose) whereas Colton Harris-Moore did not. So, why is Colton Harris-Moore being celebrated a hero? What he did was selfish. He wasn't giving his "loot" to people who needed it. I'm sure he used it to get by for the last 2 years. Furthermore, by promoting a celebrity-like status (there is talk of making a movie based on his life), we are showing people that it is ok to be a criminal, that it's glamorous, and you aren't really living if you are "living on the wild side." What is that teaching our children? Why haven't we figured this out as a society and will it ever get through to people that this is perpetuating the problem?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Royal Family Kids Camp

I returned home from my 10th year serving at Royal Family Kids Camp in Bellingham, WA. I absolutely love this ministry. I love that kids who have had to grow up too fast are allowed to be kids for a week and experience true unconditional love. I also love the outpouring of support from the community. This year Mallard's Ice Cream and Boundary Bay Brewery gave at the very least a great deal on ice cream and root beer floats respectively for the root beer floats at the Carnival. People give what they can so that they can contribute to the happiness of a child's life that has not known a whole lot of happiness. Kids who have been neglected and abused get to see that there are people in the world who truly love them for who they are who may not have known them before that week.

Despite all the love I have for this, I hate sending my kids home. I hate sending my kids back to families that don't take care of them. Families that feed off of drama and chaos. Families that don't protect the weaker child to the point that a child who was so sweet and almost emotionless all week, never crying, is sobbing as she watches the video and is afraid to go home before someone who isn't her mom takes her home because her mom apparently couldn't be bothered to bring her to the church or pick her up from it. I hate sending my kids home. I don't understand how some people can break their kids like that. I wish more people would step up to fight for them and show them true love and how families should be. It makes me sad.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I watched "Julie and Julia" the other night and I'm feeling inspired. I want to quantify this for those that know me that I will not be cooking through a cookbook in a year (unless maybe it is the Serendipity cookbook but that's not going to happen). I love to cook but I have no desire to learn how to cook a live lobster. And even if I did, it would go to waste because I don't eat seafood nor can I stand the smell of it. What impressed me about the movie was how she found a creative outlet for herself in the midst of a job she found tedious and didn't like.

I've also spent time reading my sister's blog over the last several weeks and have been inspired by that as well. I enjoy the window into the lives of my sister, my brother-in-law, and my adorable, spirited nephew.

With those 2 things combined, I have decided to use my blog on a more regular basis to document my musings on life but also serve as a creative outlet. I don't know what shape it will take, but I'm excited to see where it goes. I can only imagine you will get a good dose of many things in my life - knitting, my attempt to start my own business out of my home (which will not be worked on for sometime), my journey into living frugally to name a few, and occassionally my love of (almost) all things psychological as well as share my adventures in being a step-mom. While I don't believe any of these things will become how I identify myself as I find my identity as a child of God, I have come to a realization that I need a creative outlet. I love knitting but have gotten out of it in recent months as I have not had time to do it. Since BSF is done for the summer, I have decided to use some of the time that would normally have been devoted to that to finish some projects including unpacking boxes that have been sitting in my bedroom for over a year and a half. So, I hope that you enjoy this journey with me. It should be interesting.