Sunday, February 6, 2011

Household Management Notebook

I have become faced over the last several months at how unorganized my life is. I have my personal planner that helps me organize my schedule but trying to keep my husband's schedule and the schedule with his daughter in order has been difficult. That's why I was so excited by the challenge from Life As Mom to develop a household management notebook. After pouring through ideas on how people have done it and resources available to create my own, I have finally come up with my own household management notebook.

To highlight a few of the things that I am so excited about:

1) The to-do lists

I printed off the 52 Weeks of Organizing list from orgjunkie so that I can continue to get the rest of my house organized and less cluttered. I also printed off the daily docket from simplemom. This will be laminated so that I can save paper. I am also using the cleaning lists from moneysavingmom. This double-sided with the monthly/semi-annual list on the back and will be laminated so that I can re-use it. I also printed the preschooler chore chart from simplemom so that Quinn can do chores when she is with us. This will more than likely not be kept in the notebook, but on her bedroom door.

2) The calendar

I have to say that this is the part I am most excited about. I have told my husband for a couple of years that I am going to start a family calendar. If something is on the family calendar, it is set in stone. Now, I have finally done it!! There is a calendar for each month and there is an ink color for each type of event (black is family, green is Nathan & I, blue is Nathan, I am purple, & pink is Quinn). This will give order to our house and everything can be in one place and once it is on the calendar, it can't be changed.

3) Birthdays

With so many people in my family and some birthdays so close together, I can't always keep them straight. I printed the birthday organizer from and included birthdays and anniversary for everyone in our family but cousins. That way, I can plan better and get cards or send a card to everyone for their birthdays.

4) Christmas (I tried to get a picture of this section posted, but it wouldn't upload right)

Christmas the last couple of years has been ridiculous. I wind up doing all the planning with very little time. I used the planning pages from organizedchristmas. I look forward to getting all my gift giving, parties, and baking planned so that I can relax and enjoy the reason for the season.

There are other dividers for phone numbers, emergency/medical information, and school.

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