Thursday, February 17, 2011

Booking It 2011: The Happiness Project

This month I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I didn't know anything about this book prior to reading it this month, so I didn't have any expectations. I have to say I really enjoyed the book. It was easy to read and very easy to relate to. I can especially relate to the clutter issue as my home has not been a place that I want to be as of late because it is so cluttered. I will definitely be taking her advice on clutter and I may start my own happiness project in the next year. While I do believe that true happiness is found through faith in Jesus Christ, I think that the methods in Gretchen's book are the key to feeling more at peace with life. For example, my home has not been a source of refreshment because it is full of clutter. By clearing out the clutter, I will feel more settled and refreshed in my home, my husband will feel more at peace because it is not cluttered, and I will have more of a leg to stand on when I expect my daughter to clean up after herself around the house. I also like the idea of increasing my energy and vitality through exercise which is in line with my goal of running a half marathon this year.

In short, I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to others. Now, on to Sacred Influence.

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