Sunday, April 3, 2011

Booking It 2011 - Sacred Influence

This month I read Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas. I have read a couple of Gary's other books and must say that as convicting as this book was, I really enjoyed it. The book is a man's perspective on how a woman can best serve her husband. The most interesting point that he made was that a woman should give up some of the things that she wants in order to best serve her husband and her family. I find this point interesting because it is completely counter-cultural. The book also suggests that women ask their husbands how they can better serve them by asking "What would like me to do that I am not doing?" The question gives better insight into how what our specific husband wants us to do.

This book was very convicting in that this is not how I have approached my marriage over the last 4 years. It gave me a new way to approach my husband, how to approach my marriage, and how to serve God through all of this.

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