Friday, August 22, 2008

Gryffindor Quiz #1

Here are my answers to the Quiz for the Harry Potter Sock Swap

1) A niffler is a black, fluffy, long-snouted creature that burrows in dirt as if it were water. The Pros of owning one are that they are gentle and affectionate and good at finding treasure. The Cons of owning one are that they are strongly attracted to anything shiny which can make them difficult to control (ie, a niffler may attack you to get at something shiny you are wearing).
2)If you are caught flying a magic carpet, you would be reported to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in which the Improper Use of Muggle Artifacts Office is a part of.
3)I think I would of been best at the 2nd task in the Tri-Wizard Tournament (The Lake) because I'm usually pretty good at sorting out riddles and I am a good swimmer. Plus, if someone important to me was hidden at the bottom of the lake, nothing would prevent me from saving them.
4) I would have been least successful in the 1st task (The Dragons) because I don't like getting hurt and would have tried to stay as far away from the dragon as possible to avoid getting burned. This also strikes me as the most dangerous and I don't like danger.
5) Using ground scarab beetle, cut-up ginger root, and armadillo bile would make Wit-sharpening Lotion.
6)Veritaserum is a powerful truth serum that is colorless and odorless (looks like water). It is used to have the drinker give information that they are keeping secret. 3 drops of the potion has the drinker spilling their innermost secrets.
7) Harry battled a Hungarian Horntail in the 1st TriWizard Tournament Task.
8) The badges everyone wore after Harry was named the 4th champion read "Support Cedric Diggory - The REAL Hogwarts Champion!" in luminous red letters. When pressed, the badge changed to read "Potter Stinks" in green letters.

Scavenger Hunt

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Ginger Gargoyle said...

like the photos you chose -- although I wish they would have gotten someone else for Victor ... he just didn't jive with what I had in my head.